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Queen Rearing Workshop

  • 14 Oct 2023
  • 10:00 AM
  • 15 Oct 2023
  • 1:30 PM
  • Collingwood Children's Farm
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  • 2 day workshop with lunches. Participants will supply their own 5 frame nuc at their home apiary for installation of provided queen cell.
  • 2 day workshop with lunches and 5 frame nuc included in registration fee. Nuc supplied on day 1 for participants to take to their home apiary ready for installation of provided queen cell.

Raising queens is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable beekeeping activities and will make you a better beekeeper through increasing your understanding of the biology of the hive.

The workshop will provide hands-on activities including grafting and mating nuc set up.  Accompanying the practical work, a series of seminars on the biology and principals of queen raising will be provided.

All participants will be invited to set up a mating nuc in their own apiary at the conclusion of the first day and will be provided with a 48 hour old grafted queen cell the next day to take away to start a new colony.  You are expected to have a strong hive which can donate a couple of frames of brood.   The option to purchase a nuc with frames is included in the registration form.  If you already have a nuc, you can choose not to purchase, but please don't change your mind close to the workshop as we need to organise supplies.  Guidance how to set up the nuc will be provided.  There will be an opportunity to reassemble on the following weekend to review the grafting results.

The workshop will be led by EAS Master Beekeeper Andrew Wootton, together with a team of seasoned beekeeper tutors.

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