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Welcome to the home page of the Victorian Apiarists' Association Inc.

The Victorian Apiarists' Association aims to provide services, leadership and vision to its members. This includes securing access and tenure to floral resources, controlling disease and providing protection to a strong industry. We also assist with the advancement of apiculture through diversification, education, training and information and by utilising technology.

The Victorian Apiarists' Association can help all beekeepers regardless of how many hives they own.  Whether you are a hobbyist beekeeper with one hive in the backyard, a semi commercial beekeeper that wishes to take the next step towards becoming fully financially dependent on beekeeping or the full time commercial beekeeper, we can help you.

The Biosecurity Code of Practice as been developed after extensive consultation with industry and government and will be taken to VAA conference for support.

The Victorian Apiarists’ Association welcomes

all beekeepers to become members.

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Beekeeping Events
Check out What's happening in Beekeeping in Victoria

Beekeepers Picnic in Maryborough on Sunday, 17th May

The Australian Bee Journal
The ABJ is published on a monthly basis and mailed to members in the middle of each month.

Free DEPI registration for beekeepers
Victorian State Government provides free online DEPI registration to hobby beekeepers with five or less hives.

Transportation of open entrance beehives.
It is important that beekeepers do adopt this practice as there have been instances of irresponsible actions by beekeepers in leaving bees at petrol stations when refuelling and also at road works.


ABJ online
On a trial basis, from February 2014 the Australian Bee Journal has been online.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Victorian Apiarists' Association...

VAA Photo Gallery
Visit our photo gallery for some outstanding photos.


Disclaimer: Material and information published in any publication, leaflet or web site of the Victorian Apiarists' Association is produced for general information only. Although published in good faith, the VAA and/or any officer of the VAA will not be liable for any loss suffered by any person for actions taken on the basis of such information.

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